I am the Connections Pastor here at Soldotna Nazarene Church as well as a counseling intern. I have completed my master’s in professional counseling degree and I am looking forward to being a licensed professional counselor (LPC) once I complete internship hours. I also have had 22 years of ministry experience and have “counseled” in one way or another over those years. I have heard it said that we all need a counselor. This is so true! While I rely on the Lord, I also need someone with skin on to process life challenges. Many times we also need additional “tools” to help navigate these challenges.

Connections Pastor
Wendy Dial

Life transitions, loss, relationship struggles, behavioral or emotional difficulties, past hurts, unforgiveness, and shame are just a few areas we can benefit from sharing with another person who cares and will keep it confidential. With a counselor you can gain perspective on your behavior, emotions, and relationships. It provides a means to express your feelings and identify patterns of thinking. It can decrease anxiety, help with depression or anger, deal with conflict, and address the pain. You will be empowered to face your fears and improve your life. We all need assistance, whether it’s a crisis or you’re just looking for a way to maximize your potential.

If you or someone you know would like to benefit in this way, I invite you to give me a call and we can navigate this season together.

Wendy Dial