Daily Prayer & Devotion


May 27, 2022

Dear Father God,

I know that You want me to be the salt of the earth, a light in the darkness and like a city on a hill, so that others will be drawn to You, as Jesus taught us...

You are the salt of the earth;
but if the salt loses its flavor,
how shall it be seasoned?
It is then good for nothing but to be
thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.
You are the light of the world.
A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Matthew 5:13-14

Please help me to be a strong and faithful witness for You to everyone around me.

Show me how You want to reach into the darkness around me with Your light in my life.

Help me to be a positive influence for You in the places where I live, work, study, play and worship.

Thank You Lord Jesus for commissioning me to be your witness as part of Your Great Commission...

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying,
“All authority has been given to Me
in heaven and on earth.
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations,
baptizing them in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all things
that I have commanded you;
and lo, I am with you always,
even to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28:18-20

Thank YouJ esus, in your powerful name
I ask this and I pray,



Reflecting on the Names and Nature of God

Jesus: A Star out of Jacob

I see Him, but not now;
I behold Him, but not near;
a Star shall come out of Jacob;
a Scepter shall rise out of Israel.
Numbers 24:17

Jesus is pictured as A Star Out of Jacob. Just as mariners plot their course by the stars, so the Lord wants to direct your life by the Star Out of Jacob. Just as stars give light in the dark night, so Jesus, the Star of Jacob, gives light to a world darkened by sin. Just as stars tell us the time and seasons (Genesis1:14), so Jesus gives meaning to your appointment calendar. Stars warn people that they have a limited amount of time left on this earth because each star is a burning entity and will eventually burnout. In the same way, each person is getting older and will eventually die. So we should find hope in Jesus Christ who is the Star out of Jacob. Look to Him for meaning in your life.

Jesus, I look to You for direction this day. Guide me to make good choices and help me shine Your light to those around me.

Those who walk in darkness can become lost; they need Jesus, the Star out of Jacob, to show them the way. Those who are lost in the night are cold and disoriented; they need the Star out of Jacob to point them to the warmth of God’s love. The Star out of Jacob reminds people that the Father loves them and has a wonderful plan for their life. Carry the light of Jesus to them (John 8:12; Acts 2:1-4); He wants to light the way of everyone in the world (John 1:4).

Jesus, I want to be guided by Your star. Keep me warm near Your fire and shine Your light in my heart so that I can learn from You. Light my path, and help me walk in Your light.  Amen.

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