A systematic Bible reading plan will aid you in developing the discipline of daily Bible reading and journaling. The Ready-Set-Go plan gives you a choice of reading levels for each day of the year:

Ready– A brief Bible reading   (5 minutes or so daily)

SetA more extensive reading  (10-15 minutes daily)

Go A daily reading that will take you through the entire Bible in a year,

        including twice through the New Testament   (30-40 minutes daily)

Develop as many routines as you can relating to your daily Bible reading. The routines give a sense of “comfort” to your commitment and help in the formation of a positive habit.

 • Choose a time of day to read.

 • Choose the best place available to read.

 • Have an alternate plan for non-standard days or for traveling.

        Remember, this website can be used with a smart phone.

When you do your daily Bible reading, you will need to bring four things with you to your “reading place.”

 • Your Bible in a favorite translation or you can use the online 

        Bible links right here on this website. Choose the month, then 

        the date and Ready-Set-Go reference you wish to read.

 • A journal or some paper to write on.

 • A pen or pencil for writing your thoughts.

 • An open heart that desires to hear from God.


To begin, choose the Ready-Set-Go reading from the daily reading guide. Before you start reading pray and say, “God please speak to me from your word today.” Then prayerfully and thoughtfully read today’s passage from the Old Testament or New Testament.

 • Scripture – Write down the reference of your passage or a scripture, 

         a verse or verses that seem to stand out to you from the 

         day’s reading.

 • Observation – Write an observation of how these verses affected 

         you or of how God seemed to be speaking to you from His word 

         as you were reading.

 • Application – Write one or more points describing how this 

         scripture applies to you and your situation. You may want to 

         write some action points of how you intend to apply this 

         to your life.

Prayer – Write a brief prayer to God that expresses how you 

         are feeling about the scripture you’ve read and how it 

         applies to your life.

We challenge you to try this plan for two months. If you miss a day or a few days in your reading don’t go back and try to “catch up.” Just pick it up again with the current day’s reading.

Daily Bible reading starts as discipline and quickly becomes delight. We don’t know of anything else we could share with you that has more potential to change your life. It will align your life with God’s word and help you realize God’s presence in your life. We pray that God confirms this in your heart and you will start your Bible reading plan today.